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     The stellar service from this company has kept us coming back for years without fail.
G. Smith22/04/2024
     This flat is simply breathtaking and I have no doubt that they will assist us in obtaining our deposit without any complications or delays.
Millie Jason30/03/2024
     I am so grateful to have such an impeccably tidy and clean home now.
Jamie Kelly20/03/2024
     When it came to getting my house cleaned, calling your cleaners was the wisest choice - they worked hard and left me feeling very happy and content!
Vivian Shills20/11/2023
     Having used the same cleaning crew assigned at my house during the past six months all that can be said about its performance seemed greatly desirable every single time coming back being professional yet friendly however also following instructions precisely without having doubts brought onto itself via repetition; credit must be given including how its personnel seemed cooperative throughout all occasions making suggesting its services within relationships truly worth considering each ensuing result afterwards being similarly favorable as mine was upon first tryout itself before-hand too!
Kevin H.05/06/2023
     It's difficult to beat Carpet Cleaning Services North Finchley when it comes to finding inexpensive house cleaning services; their work is impeccable for a fair cost.
Gene Neary01/03/2023
     NorthFinchleyCarpetCleaners delivered incredible services - beyond what I could have originally hoped for in terms of quality and fairness towards customers. End of tenancy cleaning went off effortlessly with full customer satisfaction plus a few extra touch ups at request from the letting agent as well upon departure; all sightly flawlessly presented in photos taken along the way too! Truly immaculate results that exceeded expectations - many thanks!
Norma V.26/01/2023
     There might be plenty of options for house cleaning services, but none even come close to comparing to the cleaning experts at Carpet Cleaning Services North Finchley. Seriously, they did an unbelievable job on my flat.
Susan J.21/05/2020
     They were the most professional home cleaning company. They cleaned surfaces and areas that I would never have thought of in a million years.
Great job! Williams20/09/2019
     I am 100% sure that I will never go back to cleaning my own home after having North Finchley Carpet Cleaning Company cleaners spoil me for the past year. They are such incredibly hard workers and yet never complain about anything I ask of them, such a professional and friendly bunch.
Gisela Sandrip22/01/2018
     Let me tell you I wasn't exactly hyped about having a bunch of strangers in my home but it turned out OK when Cleaning North Finchley showed up. They were careful with what they did and discreet as well, so I had no problems with their domestic cleaners.
Edward C.28/09/2016
     Top-class office cleaning service! North Finchley Carpet Cleaning Company are definitely the best around!
Patricia Warwick31/05/2016
     We'd had some important meetings at my office, which meant many people were visiting. Once it was all done, I couldn't believe the mess. There were crumbs, dirt, footprints, and stains on the tables. Needing this cleaned as quickly as possible we looked at various cleaning companies. North Finchley Cleaners were who we settled on. When they arrived they immediately got to work on all these problems. By the end of the day everything was back to normal. I couldn't believe the speed and quality of their work. 10/10.
May Williams24/09/2015
      North Finchley Carpet Cleaners provided with excellent bathroom cleaning support. I was able to book exactly what I needed for a great price. The cleaners arrived on time and did all the necessary work. They worked thoroughly and quickly, giving me a clean bathroom in a short time. There were no problems and I received a great service. 5/5.
Stephanie Morrison27/05/2015
     I've now used a few services that NorthFinchleyCarpetCleaners has to offer, and I've been impressed with them all. I first hired the cleaners here to clean my carpets, and was more than willing to try both their one-off cleaning and upholstery cleaning services after this. This I a company that continues to surprise me with their excellent cleaning capabilities and professional skill. I would recommend!
L. Peterson29/01/2015
     I hate taking time out just to get my cleaning done. I grew so sick of it that I decided to hire a cleaner. I didn't know what I needed or what to expect so I called around until I talked to NorthFinchleyCarpetCleaners. Their call staff gave me all the info I needed, including details on their cleanings services. I hired them without hesitation and now they handle all my cleaning. I don't have to do it and the house looks clean because of them.
Stephanie Andrews18/12/2014
     When it came to cleaning my bathroom, (and the rest of my house) I could never really be bothered to reach that high level of deep clean you see advertised in brochures. After coming into some money, I thought I might as well try and see what a cleaner would make of my home, which is why I called NorthFinchleyCarpetCleaners. I was always a bit nervous about hiring a cleaner, but I can't even begin to list the great qualities of the cleaner they sent me. Fast, efficient, smooth, and amazing technical skills. My friends can't wait to hire my cleaner too, after they've seen what an excellent job she's done with my home! Wow!
Lucille Neals04/09/2014
     I have just had a brilliant cleaning service from a local company called NorthFinchleyCarpetCleaners. I was fed up of not having enough time to clean my house so decided to hire some help. I was given the email address of this company and contacted them for a quote. They were quick to answer and arranged a meeting to discuss my requests. Within days I had a quote, a date and the home cleaning service done. The cleaners were competent and took great care of everything in my home and it looked terrific. They covered minor details and nothing was left it was all cleaned meticulously.
Rosetta Ballweg24/07/2014
     I really don't know what I would do without NorthFinchleyCarpetCleaners. This service is extremely flexible so if you ever change your plans you can quite easily amend the booking week by week. I have been employing a cleaner for around 6 months and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have found that I have more time to myself and more time to prepare food, watch my favourite shows and it has certainly brought my overall stress levels down. For the prices that they charge it is certainly a must-try for anyone with a busy schedule or hectic lifestyle.
Graham C.30/06/2014
     I was really happy with my experience with NorthFinchleyCarpetCleaners. I wanted an end of tenancy cleaner who would be able to get my house into shape while I planned and prepared for my move, but I really wasn't expecting such a great service! My cleaner arrived promptly and got to work right away. The cleaning was really speedy but thorough, and I barely even noticed she was there, which was just perfect for me! It was obvious right away how skilled and efficient the cleaner was, and I've never seen the house looking that fabulous. I'd definitely call them again - what a great company!